The District of Columbia, Maryland and Virginia have disparate laws and procedures. Furthermore, the specific procedures utilized in many counties within their jurisdictions are extremely varied. Based on our extensive experience in all their jurisdictions, we are confident that our clients will experience rapid and successful resolution of their claims.

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Welcome to Michael R. Cogan, P.C. - Attorneys Serving Maryland, Washington, D.C. & Virginia

We are a multi-jurisdictional law firm serving Commercial Landlords and Tenants, the Banking Industry, Credit Card Issuers, Debt Buyers, Retail and Commercial Collection Agencies and Local Businesses.

We combine years of practical experience with an overwhelming drive towards client satisfaction which continues to set our firms apart from the rest of the industry.

Practice Areas

Retail & Commercial Collections

Retail & Commercial Collections
Michael R. Cogan, P.C. is engaged in the recovery of commercial and retail accounts including, but not limited to, credit card accounts, consumer loans, DDA/charge-off accounts, fraud and auto deficiency accounts...
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Commercial Real Estate

Commercial Real Estate Law
Michael R. Cogan, P.C. represents some of the largest commercial property interests in the Washington D.C. metropolitan area. Our legal services include lease negotiation and drafting, form documents to...
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